Sunday, December 5, 2010

Inspired by...

Ever since I saw some cute 'x mark the spot' bookmarks on the kootoyoo website, I've been wanting to make a truckload of them as gifts and to replace the envelopes and old receipts that always seem to end up as my bookmarks.  Well, I've sorted my magnetic issues, and yesterday I made one.  I was a bit dismayed by how clumsy the end product looked (brought about, I suspect, by my impatience and use of a sewing machine rather than hand stitching - I'll try again another time), but I really like my paper variants.  I've made a couple, and coated the scrapbooking paper with contact for durability.  They're great - you can hold the book upside down (or put it in your handbag) and the bookmark doesn't fall out, and I think they're easier to find in the book than the traditional version.  Thanks for the inspiration Kirsty!

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