Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fix it Friday [before]

I hate throwing things out, particularly if there's practically nothing wrong with them, so I put them in my 'fix it bucket'.  The problem is I never actually take anything out, and its overflowing.  Clothes in need of some sort of repair have started wandering around the house aimlessly and of their own accord!  No time to sew today, so here's a taste of what I promise myself I'm going to start with [hopefully] tomorrow:

Hope your creative space is a little less urgent and a lot more leisurely!


  1. I have one of those buckets too! I dread to think of the to-do's in there...Sending you lots of positive, fixing up and finishing off vibes for tomorrow :-)

  2. I have a box of those untouched subjects... :)
    What is the yummy green stuff in the first pic?


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