Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inspired by... the Schoolboy

My Schoolboy loves to draw.  He tries to finish his work quickly at school so that he has 'free time' to draw in, and has been known to protest loudly if I arrive at After School Care "too early" and interrupt his drawing time.  His drawings are usually very complex, detailed creations involving sinister looking robots or Lego characters, but last week he come up with this simple beauty.  I'm told that the alien is standing on the moon, and the sun is a long way away and that's why it is so small!

Its simplicity inspired me to create a more cuddly duplicate:

I've asked the Schoolboy what his 'green alien's' name should be.  He came up with Aylee, but then said "just call him Alien".  Hmmm nicknames are not our strong suit around here.  What would you call him?

After more creative spaces or inspiration?  Lets head over to kootoyoo together!


  1. Very clever - both of you. What about calling him Blick? It was the first word that came to mind when I saw him!

  2. I tried to christen him Blick Nic, but the boy won't have a bar of it - apparently Mr Aylee it is!?!


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