Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'm not sure if I've mentioned it or not, but the Man is a cyclist.  His idea of downtime is a couple of hours riding up a hill somewhere.  Not my idea of downtime, although I'm trying - we're off on a family cycling holiday along a rail trail later in the week.  The tradeoff works in my favour though - we have a deal that if he takes a few hours on the weekend to go riding then I can take the same to 'go' crafting/garden (ie. potter without needing to be on call for the kids).  Yesterday afternoon I had some time and I'm quite impressed with what I managed to achieve:

A skirt for the sofa bed cover (not sure how I managed to make it too long at the front but OK at the side, but a fair step up from what it looked like here).  My plan was to secure the cover under the mattress, but I've been impressed with how Stage 1 has stayed in place so far, so I'm going to play it by ear.

I also managed to finish cutting the coloured squares for my 'Scrappy Leaves' quilts, and stitch them into pairs.  There are six different patterns in the Gypsy Rose range, and I decided that I didn't want any four-patch block to contain more than one of each pattern.  Worked that out with little angst, but this afternoon when I came to join the pairs into fours I decided that I wanted to split the colours as well.  I'm nearly finished rearranging, unpicking, counting and re-counting (strangely, my 280 squares seem to have multiplied and I have at least 10 left over?!?).  Here's the more pink-toned (well, salmon really) one for Niece J:

And here's the mauve toned one for Niece H:

Hoping to pick up some coordinating fabric somewhere along the way next weekend (planning to trade a 'quick ride up Mt Buller' for some shopping without the boys wrestling on the sidelines!).

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