Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've been going great guns tonight on making four of Deborah's Snack Bandoliers - one each for my boys and one each for their friends who are having a birthday party on Saturday.  I think I pushed the Bernina a little too hard and fast on the herringbone stitch though, and something's gone kerput inside.  I have sideways movement, but no forwards movement.  Hmmm...

Rang mum.  No help.

Pulled out the old Singer.  Fell in love.  This was my first machine (actually, technically Grandma bought it for my sister and I nearly 30 years ago, but my sibling has no interest in sewing so by default its mine).  I love the way it looks and the way it smells, and even the knee press is quirky enough to be cute.  It has a heap of foot-like attachments that I've never known what to do with, and had forgotten about.  I suspect that a few of them would have made life easier over the last 15 years if only I'd broken it out.  Sadly though, the rubber (leather?) band that makes it go is no longer up to it - solid, warped and threatening to disintegrate - and I can't get it to move at all.

Looks like the Bandoliers will have to wait.

Here's a picture of my old love.

PS.  Just done some net surfing, and found a manual for a similar machine, dating from the 1950s.  One of my feet apparently can be used to sew on commercial bias binding in a single step?!?

WOO HOO!  I just lifted the lid on the machine to show the boys, and found that in fact she's not given up on me, just needed a gentle nudge!  And a service.  But for today a nudge will be enough.

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