Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trying to narrow my options...

I've a 'grand plan' for what I'd like to craft this year, but things keep creeping in.  I've a few girly birthdays coming up, and I thought some little girl bags might be a good project (not on the list), as would be re-starting work on our curtains (top of the list) or making a start on a cardi for the Schoolboy (also on the list), but what I really feel like is making an apron (definitely not on the list).  Can't say I've ever said that before, but my current is showing its age and the results of too many chocolate cakes, and my 'Emmeline' apron pattern arrived in the post last week.  Forgot it was Thursday until I turned on the computer, so Kirsty's unwittingly encouraged me to make a decision, and the apron wins.  
What do you think of my chosen fabric from my stash (and can you interpret for me)?  I don't remember buying it, and I've never been game to make any clothing out of it, partly because it's too attention grabbing for this introvert, and partly because I have no idea what most of it says!  I figure I'm pretty safe using it for an apron though.

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  1. The Emmeline pattern is gorgeous! I made one a few months ago for a friend, and I am itching to make more as gifts - and one for me too. Have fun :)


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