Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Snoop my stuff

Wasn't going to take part in Kirsty's 'snoop my stuff' session, because to be honest my stuff is a mess.  I guess that's part of the point though, so I've changed my mind.  This is the bookshelf in the 'craft' side of the study - I suspect that the clutter reflects the fact that I have a compulsive need to try new things - in the past I've had blank/decorative space but it keeps disappearing!

I've got a large dose of garden (including my samples from Plant ID class at Uni that I can't bring myself to dispose of), a fair chunk of sewing/patchwork, some knitting and cardmaking.  The red bucket's my 'fix it box' - I guess I should be trying to shrink the overflow of that around about now, but somehow it doesn't seem so interesting as a new project!

'Emily' up in the corner would say hello, but she's feeling her age these days and is in desperate need of a trip to hospital for a hip replacement.


  1. I sound just like you when it comes to crafting etc. We belong to a BIG club. :)
    Anne xx

  2. hated that biology class - all biology actually - tooo much microscope for me!~


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